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Multimedia Area Guidelines
 User's Guide to the Library Multimedia Area
1. Patrons wishing to use the Library's computers or closed-shelf multimedia resources should apply at the Multimedia Service Desk and present their National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Library Card (or National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Temporary Library Card).
2. Patrons may use only the computer equipment assigned by the Library staff.
3. Patrons s have free access to videos, DVDs and interactive multimedia displayed on the shelf, as well as online resources. In the event that there is insufficient multimedia equipment available for use, patrons should follow the specific instructions given by the Library staff. Time of use will be limited to one hour or a shorter period if other users are waiting.
4. The Multimedia Center opening hours are:
Tuesday – Friday: 09:00 am ~ 4:30 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 am ~ 5:30 pm .
The Multimedia Center is closed on Monday.
5. Use of internet chat-rooms or pornographic sites is strictly forbidden on the Museum premises.
6. Patrons wishing to access the Library's closed-shelf resources should observe the following regulations:
(1) All closed-shelf materials and relevant equipment must be used in the Library area and are not available for check-out.
(2) Patrons wishing to use the Library's closed-shelf multimedia resources should apply at the Multimedia Area Service Desk. Each patron is allowed to borrow no more than one unit of slides, no more than five rolls of microfilm, no more than twenty microfiches and no more than two closed-shelf audio-visual resources
7. Patrons should follow the instructions carefully when using the multimedia resources or equipment in the Multimedia Area, and will be liable for the full cost arising from any damage they cause to a Library item.
8. Patrons are prohibited from using multimedia resources that are not provided by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts on the Museum's Multimedia Center equipment.
9. The Library provides photocopying, printing and photo-reproduction services within the limit of copyright restrictions. Reproduction of online materials is authorized for research or non-profit purposes only. Photocopy cards are available for purchase at the Library Service Desk.
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