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Director    LIAO Jen-I

Words from the Director and His Philosophy

The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) is a home for the arts that is co-created and collectively shared by the people of Taiwan. 

With humility and sincerity, I would like to share with everyone the philosophy I will be following throughout my tenure as director of NTMoFA, which is comprised of the following three principles, four forces, and five stages. 

Three Principles:

The following three statements are from the governing philosophy proposed by Minister of Culture, Lee Yung-Te: 1. To forge a supportive ecosystem and champion cultural diversity; 2. To empower communities and embrace both modernity and traditions; and 3. To promote the Taiwan brand and expand international cooperation. In accordance to Minister Lee’s three-part governing philosophy, I hereby propose the following three principles: 1. NTMoFA shall serve as a stage for Taiwanese artists; 2. NTMoFA shall allow the creativities and talents of artists to be seen and shared by the entire society of Taiwan; and 3. For artworks from Taiwan to be seen internationally through strengths gathered from society and for us to continue to proudly uphold the spirit behind the slogan, “Yes, Taiwan can help!” 

Four Forces:

NTMoFA is a home for the arts that we’ve collectively created, and it is driven by the following four forces: 1. The force of the Ministry of Culture: With cultural policies passed down to us from the ministry and also the resources needed to fulfill those policies, it is the duty of NTMoFA to fully implement those policies; 2. The force of the NTMoFA team: Through our rigorously selected staff members and the wisdom passed down from former directors of the museum, the resources provided to us from the Ministry of Culture will be utilized to serve the artists and the general public; 3. The force of Taiwanese artists: Taiwanese artists span across diverse ethnic groups and every generation, and also actively involved are artists from other countries who also identify with Taiwan. We seek to provide a stage and resources to these artists and for their creative strengths to also enrich NTMoFA; and 4. The force of the people: National resources are made possible through the support of the people, and it is the duty of NTMoFA to serve the public. Artists are also supported by the people, and NTMoFA shall be a place where artists and the public can  embrance each other.  

Five Stages:

As a home for the arts, NTMoFA seeks to propel artworks from Taiwan onto the following five stages: 1. The first stage is where we call home, NTMoFA; 2. The second stage is our nearby communities, and NTMoFA shall contribute towards the everyday aesthetic experiences of those communities; 3. The third stage is Taichung, a city that draws energy from the sea and the mountains, and NTMoFA has the responsibility to promote this “City of Culture” and its glorious history; 4. The fourth stage is Taiwan, and NTMoFA shall introduce the artworks by great artists throughout the history of Taiwan and to share the beautiful worlds created by those artists with everyone in Taiwan, with a sense of pride for Taiwan ignited in each resident of this island; and 5. The fifth stage is the international stage. Taiwan is a land where different ethnic groups and diverse cultures vibrantly coexist. NTMoFA seeks to bring to the international stage the invaluable artworks created in Taiwan and inspired by Taiwan’s unique elements, for the values and contributions that we’ve made towards humanity to be seen by the global community. 

I am fully aware that as director of NTMoFA, my philosophy and vision must transcend beyond mere words, and for these words to transpire into action, I would need the trust and support of everyone. To be frank, I am an art scholar and may not be clever enough or quick-witted at times; however, I am humble and open-minded, and I look forward to any advice and suggestion offered. I sincerely look forward to interacting with everyone and for myself and NTMoFA to be guided towards making more wonderful discoveries. 

I vow to lead NTMoFA with humility and for the museum to humbly serve every artist and the entire society. I sincerely invite everyone to come together for this home for the arts that’s co-created and shared by the people.  


Professor, Graduate Institute of Museum Studies, Taipei National University of the Arts

Director, Center for Traditional Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts

Director , Graduate Institute of Museum Studies, Taipei National University of the Arts

Director, Taipei National University of the Arts Library 

General Secretary , Taipei National University of the Arts

Director, Cultural Center of Taiwan in Paris