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This museum has one Director, one Deputy Director and one Chief Secretary, and is consist of the following five departments and four offices. 

The organizational chart is listed as below:

Research Department
Responsible for research and development of the history of fine art and its theory and techniques.
Exhibition Department
Responsible for exhibition plannings, international exchanges of works of fine art, and exhibit services management.
Collection Department
Responsible for the collection and storage, review and evaluation, classification and registration, arrangement, conservation and preservation of works of fine art.
Education Department
Responsible for the promotion and planning of fine art education, the compilation and printing of special publications on aesthetic education and other publications.
Library Service Department
Responsible for all business related to the utilization of the materials in the museum’s fine arts library and associated services.
Secretariat Office
Responsible for performance evaluation management, legal matters, documentation, archives, seals, bookkeeping, purchasing, asset management, management of manual workers (including mechanics and drivers), mechanical and electrical management, building maintenance and other matters not included in each department's duties.
Personnel Office
Responsible for personnel matters.
Civil Service Ethics Office
Responsible for civil service ethics matters.
Accounting Office
Responsible for budgeting, accounting and statistics.