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The NTMoFA is a rectangular building set on an east-west axis and consists of two basement floors and is three stories high. It covers an area of 10 hectares (including the Sculpture Park), and its total floor area takes up 49,604 square meters. It is one of the largest art museums in Asia. 


The Architecture

A central skywalk, traversing north to south, extends from the park into the museum, where exhibition spaces inside include Galleries 101~U108 on the 1st floor; Galleries 201~205 and the VR Gallery on the 2nd floor; Galleries 301~302 on the 3rd floor, and also the Gallery Street. The galleries on the 1st and 2nd floors are designated to the presentations of special exhibitions, and the 3rd floor is where the museum’s Taiwanese art collection is permanently on display, meanwhile shown on the outdoor plaza is a select collection of sculptures. The Gallery Street, which stretches across the east and west wings, and the area by the indoor bamboo grove and the sunken courtyard are versatile spaces made available for interdisciplinary exhibitions and performances. 


The architecture of NTMoFA places emphasis on expandability and accessibility, and in addition to the galleries and the outdoor sculptural displays, the museum also has a wide range of spaces for educational and leisure purposes, and this includes the Taiwan Children’s Art Cave and the Picture Book Area.



The New Collection Vault

The Collection Vault occupies 11,032 square meters, and houses predominately artworks from Taiwan. The collection includes over 19,000 artworks, with artworks that date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties and also contemporary artworks. The original vault consisted of 7 rooms that occupied 2,775 square meters. The modern collection vault inaugurated in December of 2015 takes up an area of 8,257 square meters. Included in this collection vault designed with modern management technology are special collection rooms (2), standard collection rooms (4), and back-up collection rooms (2), low-temperature collection room, restoration room, preparation room, temporary storage room, photography room, work area, information research area, oxygen-free room, x-ray room, negative pressure isolation room, material room, and tool room. It is a vault equipped with professional facilities and equipment supported by modern technology, which allows the cultural assets of the museum to be optimally protected and preserved.   


The Library

The Library located on the 3rd floor houses a wide collection of art-related books. Occupying 1297 square meters, it also provides a diverse range of multimedia and cyber resources, as well as information on art. It offers a beautiful place for people to read and explore various knowledge on art and culture.