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About the Collection

Since its founding in 1988, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) has been committed to constructing a comprehensive picture of Taiwan's history of art and also to expanding the museum’s collection according to the mission. Over the years, the museum has accumulated a vast collection of important artifacts and great artworks from the past and present through procurements, transfers from other government institutions, and donations. The collection includes artifacts from the Ming and Ching dynasties and works of art from Taiwan’s Japanese occupation period, the Modernist period, and the era following the Second World War. Together, these great artworks come to form a conceptual map on the trajectory of Taiwan's art history. Building a fine collection of artworks is in fact central to the museum’s Collection Department's ongoing commitment to preserve Taiwan's arts and cultural heritage, to establish a comprehensive resource and research center for Taiwanese art, and to support the museum's exhibitions and educational programs, as well as to promote international artistic exchanges. The museum’s original collection vault covers a total area of 2,775 square meters, and a newer vault was completed and inaugurated on December 13th, 2015, which takes up an area of 11,187 square meters. The Collection and Management Department of NTMoFA has a specialized photography studio and a restoration lab, with appropriate storage space and suitable conditions provided to ensure the artworks are properly cared for. RFID technology is also utilized to create an automated process for tracking and managing the artworks in the collection. The objective is to modernize the management of our art collection and to maximize the information access process.

NTMoFA’s Collection

NTMoFA’s website offers greater access to our diverse collection of artworks through an online indexing and search system. Users are provided with real-time views of the museum's beautiful Outdoor Sculpture Park and Calligraphy Stele Square. Also provided are authentic insights into the museum's art conservation work and artwork digitalization, providing people from around the world convenient access to the museum's rich art collection. The site offers online application to view digitalized images and documents related to the artworks inNTMoFA’s collection.