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 Arts Library- Brief Introduction
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Library- Brief Introduction The museum library specializes in aesthetics, art theory, art education, art history, various types of painting and calligraphy, sculpture, architecture, photography, applied arts, industrial arts, archeology, museum studies, Taiwan art historical materials and other art related topics. The types of materials in the collection include: books, periodicals, electronic archives, multimedia material, and others. It is the museum’s hope to have more effective control over art information and thereby provide more excellent service.
01.Operating hours and service scope:
Tuesday through Friday:09:00 ~17:00.   Saturday、Sunday: 09:00 ~18:00.
, for people over 12 years old.
02.Space allocation and service functions:
     (1) Vestibule :announcements, video displays, lockers, newspapers and magazines.
     (2) Service desk :Library cards applications, photo reproduction and printing services, library resource guidance, art reference inquiries, closed shelf material assistance, and other services.
     (3) Book area:including  museum publications, doctoral and masters dissertations, Taiwan special collections, regular books, oversized books, various section’s book call numbers and arrangement.
※Special book collections closed shelf materials: users must submit provided form and ID to use these materials.
     (4) Periodical area:current periodicals (periodicals for the current year are set out on display), past years periodicals (bound periodicals are arranged by call number)
※Certain past years periodicals are closed shelf materials: users must submit provided form and ID to use these materials.
     (5)Information retrieval area:museum titles catalogue and internet resources dispersed around the books and periodicals area for readers to consult.
     (6) Reading room:five areas, divided into research stations, window seating, sofa seating, current periodical area, double layer reader seating.
     (7)The Multimedia area:stocked with a rich collection of slides, microfilm, VCDs, DVDs, CD ROMs, online databases and other forms of multimedia and electronic resources which focus on art-related themes for the scholarly and artistic communities.