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About the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts – Art Library 
The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts – Art Library was established in 1988, and as a library that specializes in art, in its collection are art-related books, periodicals, digital archives, and multi-media materials, with a special focus on books and documents on Taiwanese art and books and art catalogs related to the exhibitions organized by the museum. Since its opening, the library has been accumulating various art publication resources, and offering a thoughtfully designed reading area and information platform, the library is available to anyone who is interested in learning and studying art, and it also strives to be a resource center specializing in the studies of Taiwanese art. 

Main Services Provided:
01.Online access to the index of the library’s collection and digital resources
02.Multilingual publications available on the library’s open shelves 
03.   Art reference consultation
04.Assistance with finding the library’s resources 
05.Multimedia materials available for viewing