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1.Opening Hours:
Tuesday through Friday: 09:00 ~17:00.
Saturday、Sunday: 09:00 ~18:00.
2.Notices for Accessing the Library’s Books and Periodicals:
(1)The books and materials in the Art Library can only be accessed inside the library and are not available for loan outside of the library. This does not apply to NTMoFA staff when conducting museum-related tasks. 
(2)The books and materials in the Art Library should be handled with care. Readers will be charged for any writing, marking, staining, tearing, bending, or other damages on library property.
(3)Please return current issues of periodicals to their original location; books and other periodicals and materials should be placed in the designated area to be shelved by the library’s staff.
(4)Please fill in the request form and submit it to a library service desk to apply for access to books and periodicals not kept on the open shelves.
3.Notices for Accessing the Multimedia Area:
(1)Materials in the Multimedia Area are for viewing only in the Art Library and are not available for loan outside of the library. 
(2)Please fill out a request form and submit it to the Multimedia Area service desk to apply for access to multimedia materials not kept on the open shelves. 
(3)In the case of insufficient equipment in the Multimedia Area, please follow the directions listed in the Art Library’s “Multimedia Area Access Guidelines.”
4.How to Apply for an Art Library Card:
(1)Who is Eligible: Applicants over 12 years old, or art talented class students if under 12 years old.
(2)When to Apply: During the Art Library’s opening hours.
(3)Where to Apply: Art Library Reference Desk.
(4)Required Documents: Completed library card application, and an ID card, family registration document, or passport.
(5)How to apply: 1. In-person application. 2. Online application 
(6)Processing Fee: NT$50
5.Other Notices: 
(1)The Art Library is intended for readers to make use of the library’s collection, so please do not use the space to read materials that are not from the library.
(2)Please remain quiet and keep the library clean. Do not smoke, sleep, eat or drink, talk loudly, or talk on mobile phones in the library.
(3)Please store backpacks in the lockers and do not bring them into the library.
(4)Readers are responsible for the safekeeping of their own personal valuables (e.g., personal laptop computers, wallets, etc.).
(5)Please keep your Art Library Card in a safe place, and promptly report to the library’s Reference Desk if your card is lost. Readers are liable for any fraudulent use of their cards.
(6)Please pay for the library’s photocopying or printing services.
(7)Please use the materials and facilities in the Art Library with care and comply with the library’s guidelines and regulations. In case of failure to comply, depending on the severity of the case, the library’s staff may request compensation or suspend the violator’s right to access the Art Library.