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Visitor Information:
1. Please keep low voice while visiting the museum.
2. Photo taking is premitted in some exhibitions motion photography (video) and audio recording are prohibited inside the museum.
3. Kindly switch mobile phones to vibraton inside exhibition spaces.
4. Guided tours and reserved group tours are available in the museum. Group tours available for group of 15 or more people. Please make online reservation two weeks in advance. For more information please check our website ( or contact the Information Desk.
5. Guided tours are available at 10:30 and 14:30 in the opening days, please register on site.
6. Only pencil may be used in the museum galleries.
7. Please do not bring plants, pets, hazardous substances, food, drinks, stick umbrellas, or toys to the museum, coin lockers are avaiable.
8. Roller blade, skateboard, bicycle, tricycle, and stroller are prohibited to enter the Museum. The museum provides safe strollers and wheelchairs for visitors who need help.
9. Proper attire is requested, including shirts and shoes.
10. Smoking, gum and betel nut chewing are prohibited.
Visiting Recommendations:
1. Exhibition area: Permanent Collection exhibitions, Special exhibitions, Gallery Street, DigiArk.
2. Parks: Courtyard, Collection of Tablets, Public Outdoor Sculpture Park.
3. Professional Information Center:Library. 
4. Education Area: Family Room, Picture Book Area. 
5. Audio Area: Auditorium, Multimedia area of library.