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Visitor Guidelines

1. Please lower voice while visiting. In the case of answering phone calls, please do it outside of exhibition rooms.

2. Other than pre-arranged media interviews, video recording and selfie sticks are prohibited. Please abide by the copyright notices in exhibition rooms. If photography is not allowed, please stop doing it.

3. Only pencils are allowed for note taking in exhibition rooms (pencils may be borrowed at the museum’s information desk).

4. Please do not bring animals or plants to the museum while visiting (except guide dogs).

5. Please do not bring dangerous goods, food/drinks, long umbrellas, toys, helmets, etc. into the museum. Coin lockers are available for temporary stroage, please refer to the information desk for more information.

6. In respect of art and the artworks on display and visitors’ own safty, please do not wear skaters or ride skateboards, bicycles, or children’s tricycles at the museum. You may borrow strollers (for babies and young children weighted below 15 kg) at the information desk.

7. Please do not go shirtless, wear undershirts or house slippers, or dress inappropriately.

8. Please do not drink, smoke, or chew betel nuts or gums in the museum.

9. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NTMoFA carries out all disease-prevention measures according to the CECC (Central Epidemic Command Center) instructions.

Visiting Recommendations

1. Exhibition areas: Current exhibitions, special exhibitions, and the Gallery Street

2. Leisure spaces: The Courtyard, The Sculpture and Calligraphy Steles Park

3. Reference and Information services: The Library

4. Parent-child educational spaces: Taiwan Children’s Art Cave (please visit its official website for reservation) and Children’s Book Area

5. Audio-visual spaces: The Multimedia Area of the Library

Guided Tours:

Regular tours: 10:30 and 14:30, Tuesdays to Sundays

Reserved group tours: Please make reservation online (10 days prior to visit day for weekdays and 14 days prior to visit day for weekends and holidays)

For more information, visit our webpage at

Accessible Services

The museum is equipped with accessible services including accessible parking, accessible ramps (at all entrances), elevators/escalators, and accessible toilets. The information desk contains an accessible where visitors may borrow accessible equipment such as wheelchairs and visitor stools.

For more inquiries, please come to our information desk. Tel: (04)23723552, ext. 635 or 636